College Girl Protection: DIY Self-Defense Kit for College Girls


The Importance of Self-Defense for College Girls

College campuses can give a false sense of security. While they seem like safe havens for learning and growth, statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics tell a different story. Over 10,000 crimes are reported on college campuses each year, including thousands of burglaries, assaults, rapes, and murders. Female college students are disproportionately affected, making up more than 75% of campus crime victims according to the National Center for Campus Public Safety.

This disturbing reality means every college girl needs to take her safety into her own hands. A DIY self-defense kit can provide the tools to prevent or escape dangerous situations. With the right items, you can protect yourself on campus, in your dorm or apartment, and beyond. Read on to learn what to include in a kit, how to use each item, and extra tips to be prepared.

What to Include in a DIY Self-Defense Kit

Pepper Spray

An absolute must-have for self-defense is Sabre Red Pepper Gel with a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum. This spray can shoot up to 10 feet with an intense stream instead of a mist, making it easier to aim. The flip top safety helps prevent accidental discharge.

Pepper Spray

Personal Alarm

A portable 130+ decibel alarm like the FEGO Personal Alarm attaches to your keys or bag. Trigger it by pulling a pin or pressing a button. The sound will surprise attackers and alert others nearby.

Personal Alarm

Tactical Flashlight

A blinding 300+ lumen flashlight can disorient an assailant when shined in their eyes. The Anker Bolder LC90 Flashlight is a lightweight but durable metal tactical flashlight.


Self-Defense Keychain

Also known as a kubotan, this weapon fits on your keys. The LA Police Gear Kubotan features pointed ends to intensify strikes to vulnerable body parts.



Whistles provide an easy way to call for help. The Fox 40 Classic Whistle is loud, lightweight, and can be worn around your neck to keep hands free.


How to Use Each Item

Using pepper gel spray takes practice. Stand 6-10 feet away from an attacker and aim the nozzle at the face. Press the trigger, spraying in a zigzag motion for 2-3 seconds before running away and seeking help.

Activate a personal alarm by pulling the pin or pressing the button. The loud sound can scare away attackers while attracting beneficial attention. Use whenever you feel unsafe.

Shine your tactical flashlight directly into an assailant’s eyes between blinks to cause temporary blindness. This gives you time to escape. Practice quick access from a bag or pocket.

Grip your self-defense keychain firmly and target vulnerable areas like the eyes, throat, and groin. Apply force in quick jabbing motions and go for pain compliance.

Do not hesitate to blow your whistle loudly if you sense danger. The sound signals you need help and may frighten away predators.

Other Self-Defense Tips

Situational awareness is your first line of defense. Stay off your phone and keep your eyes and ears open. Notice people around you and avoid isolated areas, especially at night.

Trust your instincts. If a place or person makes you uneasy, get away. Don’t worry about embarrassing someone or being impolite. Listen to your gut.

Take a self-defense class to build confidence and learn techniques. Look for local classes like RAD Systems which teach practical skills tailored to women’s strengths. Online courses like She Safe are another great option.

Consider checking your college or community center for self-defense class offerings. These classes can build physical and mental self-protection skills in a safe environment.

Resources for Learning More

Don’t rely on others for your safety. Build your self-defense knowledge and equip yourself for security on campus and beyond. Protect yourself and maintain peace of mind with the tools above!

Stay safe out there! Let me know if you have any other questions.