The Blue Screamer Personal Alarm: Legacy Lives On


Listen up folks, I’ve got a bit of unfortunate news about one of the OG personal safety alarms – the Blue Screamer 1 appears to have vanished from the market. I know, I know, it stinks to see one of the classics fade away!

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But before you mourn the loss of this tiny-but-mighty alarm too much, rest assured its spirit is still alive and well. Let me explain…See, the Blue Screamer made its name by cramming a 110-decibel siren and bright strobe light into a teensy keychain unit. Just pull the pin and BLAM – that sucker could grab attention from a whopping 600 feet away!

It was perfect for clipping to your keys or bag when walking alone at night or hitting those early morning jogging trails. For under $15, it provided some serious peace of mind.

“I felt so much safer walking to my car at night with my trusty Blue Screamer on my keys. That alarm was LOUD if I ever needed to use it. I was sad when they stopped making them.” – Sarah D.

Now I realize production seems to have halted, so you can’t grab a Blue Screamer itself anymore. But here’s the silver lining – it inspired a whole new generation of even better personal alarms!

These days there are tons of comparable, budget-friendly options like the Birdie Alarm and Taiker Personal Alarm. They took what made the Screamer so great and added bonuses like:

  • Waterproofing so you can feel safe rain or shine ☔️
  • LED lights to help illuminate those dark alleys or trails 🌃
  • Rechargeable batteries for lower maintenance 💪

The bottom line? While we’ll miss that old Blue Screamer, its legacy is stronger than ever thanks to the new era of affordable, high-quality personal alarms it helped introduce.

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So do like the Screamer did – make some NOISE and get yourself a trusty new alarm! Your safety and security are worth investing in.

Stay vigilant out there folks! 😎