Basic Self-Defense Tips: Simple Strategies You Need to Know


Do you know what to do if confronted by a threatening person? According to the FBI, over 1 million violent crimes occur annually in the U.S. Being aware and prepared with basic self-defense techniques can help you stay safe.

This article will cover essential self-defense tips like situational awareness, moves if grabbed, and ways to intimidate an attacker. Master just a few basic techniques to feel empowered.

The Importance of Self-Defense Awareness

Awareness is the first step in self-defense. Pay attention to people around you and trust your instincts if someone seems suspicious. Avoid isolation and being distracted by your phone when alone. Check emotions in confrontations – anger can escalate attacks.

Other key awareness tips:

  • Keep distance from strangers and listen to intuition
  • Walk tall and confidently, avoiding fear body language
  • Notice escape routes in case you need to get away

What To Do If Approached By a Potential Attacker

If confronted, create space between you and adopt a strong stance with feet shoulder-width. Face the attacker with palms out and yell “Stay back!” This shows you are not an easy target.

Target vulnerable areas like eyes or throat if physically engaged. A swift kick to the knee or punch to nose can provide moments to flee to safety.

Techniques If Grabbed From Behind

Attackers often try restraining victims from behind. If grabbed around the neck, stomp feet or kick shins. Then throw your head back into the assailant’s face.

If grabbed around the waist, pinch attacker’s hand or bend fingers back. Or slam your heel down onto the instep. Then turn to break free.

Strategies to Intimidate the Attacker

Beyond physical moves, use your voice and posture. Shout aggressively and maintain eye contact. Puff up your body to appear bigger, and back attacker toward obstacles.

Channel nervous energy into looking and sounding intimidating. This can unsettle the attacker, often your best defense.

[Image: Person shouting aggressively while puffing up their body]


Learning basic self-defense tips like awareness, breakaway techniques, and intimidation strategies is key to staying safe. Consider taking a self-defense class to practice these tips. With knowledge and preparation, you can feel empowered