Hidden Safes: An Ingenious Way to Deter Home Burglaries


Home burglaries continue to be a problem across the country. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Many thieves target traditional safes or obvious hiding spots like sock drawers when robbing a home. But now there’s a smarter way to safeguard your valuables – diversion safes.

Introducing diversion safes – ingenious devices disguised as everyday household objects. With a diversion safe, burglars won’t be able to distinguish your valuables from common items.

Drawbacks of Traditional Safes

While safes seem secure, statistics show otherwise. 80% of stolen cash and valuables are taken from safes and lock boxes within homes. Why are traditional safes so vulnerable?

For one, safes are an obvious target for burglars. Safes are heavy, cumbersome boxes that clearly contain something of value. Second, most household safes can be easily picked, cracked, or stolen as a whole. Unless you invest in a high-end safe, they can be compromised.

The Genius of Diversion Safes

A diversion safe looks exactly like a regular household item – but contains a hidden compartment. Imagine a hairbrush, book, or even a soda can with a secret chamber inside.

The surprising disguise lets you hide cash, jewelry, important documents and more without arousing suspicion. Since diversion safes blend in seamlessly, thieves won’t think to check them.

Some diversion safe examples include:

  • Book safes – Hollowed out books and dictionaries with storage space inside
  • Soda can safes – Realistic soda cans that unscrew to reveal a compartment
  • Shaving cream cans – Fake cans containing valuables instead of cream
  • Brush safes – Hair and makeup brush handles that open to hidden cavities

The Benefits of Diversion Safes

Why are diversion safes such an effective deterrent against burglars? For one, a thief has no idea which household items could contain hidden valuables. They’d have to go through every single object in the hope of discovering your diversion safes.

And since diversion safes look ordinary, the burglar will simply overlook them. Diversion safes remove the obvious signs of where your valuables are located.

Other advantages of diversion safes:

  • Affordable compared to real safes
  • Portable if you need to transport valuables
  • Can be used for disguising keys around the house
  • Fun, clever way to hide items from kids and teens

Diversion safes empower you to hide your valuables in plain sight. You don’t need an expensive or cumbersome traditional safe.

Tips for Picking Diversion Safes

When selecting diversion safes, choose common household items you already own to avoid suspicion. Opt for used and worn-looking objects – a brand new item may draw attention.

Scatter diversion safes around your home rather than clustering them in one spot. Try putting small valuables in diversion safes outside the home for another layer of protection.

Go for diversion safes with nondescript exteriors without embellishments or logos. For larger valuables, pick a safe with enough internal space to hold items discretely.

Diversion safes shouldn’t be your only anti-theft measure. But paired with other home security precautions, they provide inexpensive, devious protection.


Don’t advertise where your diversion safes are – that defeats the purpose! With clever diversion safes discretely placed around your home, you can rest easy knowing your valuables have an extra layer of security. Explore diversion safes as an affordable, ingenious way to deter home burglaries.