The Spy Bulb Camera: A Lightbulb That’s Also An Inconspicuous Security Camera


Tired of bulky, ugly security cameras that stick out like a sore thumb in your home? What if you could install a hidden camera that looks just like a regular light bulb? That’s exactly what the ingenious Spy Bulb Camera offers.

This unassuming LED light bulb secretly packs a full 360° panoramic HD security camera inside. Just screw it into any standard E26/E27 lamp socket and you’ve got a covert camera with impressive features:

  • 1080p Full HD video resolution
  • 140° wide angle lens
  • Night vision up to 30 feet away
  • Motion tracking with alert notifications
  • Two-way audio for conversations
  • Remote monitoring from your smartphone
  • Free cloud storage included

The Spy Bulb Camera makes installing a hidden security camera utterly painless – no wiring, drilling holes, running cables or complicated setup. But it captures the entire room in crystal clear high-def footage day and night.

Key Benefits and Features

Here’s a quick look at what makes the Spy Bulb Camera special:

  • Wireless and portable – Just screw in like a lightbulb to use anywhere – no wiring needed!
  • HD panoramic views – See the entire room in a wide 140° view with 1080p clarity.
  • Advanced night vision – Built-in infrared LEDs enable viewing in pitch blackness up to 30 feet away.
  • Motion tracking – Get alerts on your phone when movement is detected.
  • Two-way audio – Listen in and talk back through the built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Easy remote monitoring – View live or recorded footage using the mobile app anywhere.
  • No subscriptions – Free cloud storage is included – no monthly fees!

With clever engineering, the Spy Bulb Camera crams incredible monitoring power into an innocuous light bulb exterior.


But the unsuspecting design means no one suspects they are on camera. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on any room with total discretion.4

Super Simple Setup

Installing the Spy Bulb Camera takes just minutes with no tools or technical know-how required:

  1. Screw it into any regular E26/E27 light socket.
  2. Connect to your WiFi network using the mobile app.
  3. View and manage footage from anywhere.

That’s seriously all there is to it! No electrician visit, drilling holes, running cabling through walls, or complicated configuration. Just screw in the bulb and start monitoring instantly using your smartphone.

The easy wireless setup means you can move the camera anywhere instantly. And the lack of any visible camera hardware keeps it totally inconspicuous.

crystal clear Footage Day and Night

While it looks ordinary, the Spy Bulb Camera captures video in stunning high definition. The 1080p resolution and wide 140° viewing angle reveal every corner of the room in amazing clarity. Tiny details like faces and clothing labels appear razor sharp.

spy bulb camera

And when the lights go out, built-in infrared LEDs enable crisp black and white night vision footage. You’ll easily be able to see objects up to 30 feet away even in 0% ambient light conditions. So the Spy Bulb Camera keeps watch around the clock.

No matter if it’s broad daylight or pitch dark, the stream from this innocuous bulb stays sharp. And motion detection tracking ensures you’re notified anytime movement occurs.

Two-Way Audio for Real Conversations

Ever wish you could not only see, but talk to people at your home when you’re away? The Spy Bulb Camera grants that power with its built-in speaker and microphone combo.

If you see concerning activity on the camera, press a button in the app to initiate crystal clear two-way audio. Have an actual conversation just as if you were in the room. The microphone even filters out background noise for clarity.

You’ll love being able to tell the dog to get off the couch, remind the kids to do their homework, or scare an intruder that dares enters your home. Two-way audio adds that personal touch no ordinary security camera can match.

Free Cloud Storage Included

Many home security cameras charge hefty monthly fees for cloud video storage and features. But the Spy Bulb Camera comes with free rolling 7-day cloud storage.

The recordings automatically back up to the secure cloud, letting you review footage anytime from the app without paying a recurring subscription. Configuring local microSD card storage is also an option.

And unlike some brands, there are no hidden fees to use features like motion alerts, night vision, two-way audio or real-time viewing. Everything is included free out of the box!

An Upgrade Every Home Needs

While the ingenious design makes the Spy Bulb Camera ideal for covert monitoring, it’s capabilities stack up to top-tier indoor security cameras:

  • 1080p HD recording ✅
  • Wide 140° viewing angle ✅
  • Advanced night vision ✅
  • Custom motion detection alerts ✅
  • Two-way audio ✅
  • Free cloud storage ✅

Yet its affordable price and effortless screw-in installation outpaces dedicated cameras needing wiring and wall mounting.

If you’ve wanted an indoor security camera to keep watch while you’re out, the Spy Bulb Camera does the job brilliantly while remaining totally inconspicuous. No clues it’s more than a ordinary light bulb.

For under $50 with free shipping, upgrading your home with 24/7 security oversight is now lightning fast and hassle-free. The peace of mind is invaluable.

Get the Spy Bulb Camera now to join hundreds of happy customers that are amazed at its capabilities hiding in plain sight. Your home and family deserve this extra layer of protection.

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