Security Lighting Guide: Motion Lights, Smart Bulbs & More


Welcome to our comprehensive Security Lighting Guide. Outdoor security lighting serves as a powerful deterrent, enhancing visibility around your home or business. With the right setup, you can eliminate dark corners where intruders might hide.

In this era of smart lighting technology, security lights have evolved to offer advanced features like motion detection, wireless connectivity, and seamless integration with other smart devices.

Here at 2DSecurity, we provide unbiased reviews on the best security lighting options available. Our guide spotlights top-performing motion floodlights, spotlights, solar lamps, and smart AI recognition bulbs to help you make an informed decision.

Reviews weigh key factors like motion detection, brightness, weather resistance, connectivity, and overall value. Read on to discover the optimal lighting for securing your property.

Types of Security Lighting

There are several types of security lighting, each with their own benefits:

Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting remains on constantly, deterring intruders by eliminating dark spaces on your property [1][3].


  • EverBright Solar Powered Light – Reliable solar-powered performance
  • Sunforce 82020 Solar Motion Light – Durable LEDs with solar recharging

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Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion-activated lighting brightens when it detects movement in its range, startling potential intruders [2][4][5].


  • Ring Floodlight Cam – With integrated HD camera and custom motion zones
  • Zooz Z-Wave Motion Sensor – Reliable 35-foot detection range

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Flood Lights

Flood lights distribute high-intensity illumination over a broad exterior area like a driveway or backyard [2][4][6].


  • Ring Spotlight Cam – HD camera with noise and motion activated lighting
  • Maximus Smart Motion Activated Light – Customizable dual motion sensors

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Standby Lighting

Standby lighting activates when primary lighting fails, ensuring continued visibility during outages [1][3].

Timed Lighting

Timed lighting turns on and off at programmed intervals to give the impression of occupancy [2][4].

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting highlights property features and provides low-level security visibility [2].

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting

HID lighting produces an intense floodlight beam ideal for commercial locations [4].

Specific Product Categories

Motion Sensor Flood Lights

We recommend top motion sensing flood lights like:

  • Ring Floodlight Cam – With integrated HD camera for live view and motion alerts
  • Maximus Smart Security Light – Adjustable dual motion sensors covering driveways

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Security Spotlights

Our favorite security spotlights include:

  • Ring Spotlight Cam – HD camera with noise and motion activated two-way talk
  • Aootek 182 LED Spotlight – Super bright 5,500 lumen CREE LED light

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Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Overview and recommendations on smart bulbs with security features like automated motion activation and scheduling.

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Outdoor security lighting provides an invaluable protective layer for homes and businesses. By understanding the different types and top products available, you can select the optimal solution for your unique needs.

We invite you to explore our spotlight reviews of security lights to make an informed decision. Our experts also offer free outdoor lighting consultations to assess your property and recommend the ideal security lighting placement and products.

With 2DSecurity’s unbiased recommendations, you can install security lighting that deters intruders, illuminates threats, and provides true peace of mind.

For a deeper understanding of how different types of security lighting work and best practices for their installation, check out our comprehensive guide on Security Lighting Types and Best Practices.