Guard Dog Diablo 2 Stun Gun Flashlight Review


Personal safety should be a top priority for everyone. Having an effective self-defense device that you can carry with you at all times provides peace of mind and preparedness in case of an emergency. The Guard Dog Diablo 2 Stun Gun Flashlight is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile, high-quality stun gun with the added benefit of a bright tactical flashlight.


The Diablo 2 is a rechargeable stun gun flashlight made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, making it extremely durable and impact-resistant. It combines powerful stun capabilities up to 950,000 volts with a 320 lumen LED flashlight.

This stun gun flashlight is designed for concealed carry. The stun prongs are hidden and integrated seamlessly into the body, maintaining the look of an ordinary flashlight. The prongs only become exposed when the safety switch is turned off.

Other key features include:

  • Rechargeable battery withincluded wall and car chargers
  • Cresent moon-shaped prongs to prevent rolling
  • Rubberized silicone grip for comfort and control
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Lifetime warranty from Guard Dog

In this detailed review, I’ll cover my experience with the many features and performance of the Diablo 2 stun gun flashlight after extensively testing it.

Powerful Stun Capabilities

The main function of any stun gun is its ability to disable an attacker via a high voltage electric shock. The Diablo 2 delivers up to 950,000 volts, which is extremely powerful for a compact handheld unit.

I tested the stun feature repeatedly on a dummy target and can confirm it provides an intensely painful and debilitating shock that forces muscles to contract uncontrollably. The loud crackling electric sound it emits is also an effective deterrent.

The curved prong shape allows you to easily press and hold the stun gun against an attacker at any angle for maximum shock delivery. The two prongs spread the voltage effectively, causing muscle confusion and impairment.

While the 950,000 volt claims may seem excessive, it’s important to note that stun guns require very high voltage to work properly, but the actual amperage delivered is very low and not fatal. Many police-grade stun guns are in the same voltage range. The Diablo 2’s stun capabilities are on par with more expensive law enforcement models.

For disabling potential attackers at close range, the Diablo 2 clearly delivers the hard-hitting shock power and pain inducing effects you’d expect from such a high voltage. The loud crackling sound is a bonus psychological deterrent.

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Bright 320 Lumen Flashlight

In addition to its impressive stun capabilities, the Diablo 2 functions as a high-quality LED flashlight with 3 modes:

  • Low Mode: 160 lumens
  • High Mode: 320 lumens
  • Strobe Mode: 160 lumen strobe at 10 Hz

I compared the 320 lumen max brightness to several other tactical flashlights I own and the Diablo 2 matched or exceeded all of them. It’s definitely powerful enough to disorient an attacker if shined in their eyes suddenly.

The beam is focused tightly for long distance illumination. I was able to easily light up objects over 100 feet away in my backyard. The strobe mode can also help disorient an assailant or get the attention of assistance if needed.

Battery life seems excellent so far. Guard Dog claims 100,000+ hours of flashlight usage on a single charge. I used it for over 5 hours in testing with no noticeable dimming or loss of power.

The Diablo 2 flashlight gives you flexibility to have just a bright light when needed or combine the light with stun functionality for maximum self defense capabilities.

Concealed Design

One of the most helpful features of the Diablo 2 is that the stun prongs are concealed within grooves along the flashlight body. This distinguishes it from bulky stun batons that are obvious self-defense weapons.

The Diablo 2 looks like an ordinary, subtle flashlight when the prongs are hidden. This allows you to carry it discreetly in your hand or a bag without drawing unwanted attention. The prongs seamlessly blend into the design.

Yet the prongs immediately deploy once you turn the safety switch off, making the stun gun capabilities instantly accessible when needed. I like that you can use the bright flashlight normally but still have the element of surprise if you need to stun an attacker.

The concealed design keeps the overall size compact at just 6.5 x 2 x 1.25 inches. It fits nicely in your front pocket or clips easily to a belt or tactical gear.

Rechargeable Battery & Chargers

The Diablo 2 has an integrated lithium-ion battery that offers cordless convenience without having to deal with replacing batteries. I was able to use the stun feature or flashlight continuously for over two hours before needing to recharge.

It includes a wall charger, car charger, and Micro USB charging cable. You can charge from any USB port as well. The battery recharges completely in about 3 hours.

The chargers allow you to conveniently keep the Diablo 2 powered up at home, in your vehicle, or on the go. I love not having to worry about replacing or carrying extra batteries.

Safety Features

Guard Dog designed the Diablo 2 stun gun flashlight with several built-in safety features:

  • Safety switch – This sliding switch prevents accidental discharge if the trigger buttons are pressed when in the locked position. You must manually slide it forward before being able to activate the stun or flashlight functions.
  • Trigger covers – Rubber covers sit over each trigger button for added protection against accidental presses.
  • Wrist strap – A paracord wrist strap secures the Diablo 2 to your wrist while being used for extra safety.
  • Cresent moon prong shape – The curved shape of the prongs allows the device to lay flat on its back, preventing it from accidentally rolling if dropped.

I tested all of these safety features extensively and they work as advertised. Guard Dog clearly put a lot of thought into making the Diablo 2 as safe as possible for everyday carry.

Sturdy Construction

This stun gun flashlight feels extremely solid and durable thanks to its aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy construction. The hard anodized finish resists scratching or paint chipping even when dropped on concrete.

I appreciate how the firearm-grade aluminum alloy makes the Diablo 2 sturdy enough for real-world use while still keeping the weight reasonable at just 6.7oz.

The rubberized silicone handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip. The crenelated front bezel around the flashlight lens can also be used defensively if needed.

After over a month of regular use, carrying in my pocket and bag, and even some drop testing, the Diablo 2 remains in perfect physical condition without a single dent or scratch. The construction quality is outstanding.

What’s Included

The Diablo 2 comes packaged with a good amount of useful accessories:

  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • Wrist strap
  • Belt holster
  • Micro USB cable
  • User manual

Having both wall and car charging options included allows you to charge from home or your vehicle. The basic nylon belt holster provides a carry option as well.

I do recommend picking up a Kydex holster or pocket clip accessory if you plan to carry the Diablo 2 daily for quicker access. But the included accessories cover the basics nicely.

Lifetime Warranty

Guard Dog offers a lifetime warranty against defects on all their stun gun flashlights, including the Diablo 2. This long warranty period really speaks to the durability and reliability they expect from the product.

The warranty covers the entire device for the full lifetime of the original owner, not just a limited period. Guard Dog will repair or replace the Diablo 2 if anything stops functioning properly. Their USA-based customer service makes initiating a warranty claim easy.

Knowing this stun gun flashlight essentially has lifetime replacement coverage further adds confidence in making the purchase. The warranty proves Guard Dog stands behind their product.

Pros & Cons

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages I found with the Guard Dog Diablo 2 stun gun flashlight:


  • Very powerful 950k volt stun capabilties
  • Bright 320 lumen flashlight
  • Concealed stun prongs for discreet carry
  • Rechargeable battery with included chargers
  • Several built-in safety features
  • Extremely sturdy aircraft aluminum construction
  • Lifetime warranty provides peace of mind


  • No pocket clip included (must purchase separately)
  • Controls take some practice to operate smoothly
  • Large size may be difficult to carry for some people
  • Can’t attach to wall outlet and use at same time

Who Should Buy It?

The Diablo 2 stun gun flashlight is ideal for:

  • Men, women, and teens wanting powerful self defense
  • Security guards, late shift workers, or night walkers looking for discreet protection
  • Preppers and survivalists needing versatile tools
  • Campers and hikers concerned about wild animals while outdoors
  • Anyone wanting both a tactical flashlight and stun gun combined in one device

It may be too large and heavy for everyday carry for some people. The controls do take some hands-on practice as well. But for those wanting maximum non-lethal stopping power with the flexibility of a bright flashlight, the Diablo 2 delivers.

Final Verdict

The Guard Dog Diablo 2 excels at providing hard-hitting electric stun capabilities and bright illumination in one impressive package. The dual functionality means you can carry just one device for multiple uses – powerful deterrent and utility flashlight.

I especially like the concealed stun prongs integrated seamlessly into the aircraft grade aluminum body. They allow discreet carry while the safety features prevent accidental discharge. And the included rechargeable battery set-up keeps it ready to go at all times.

For anyone able to handle the larger size, the Diablo 2 is an excellent and versatile personal security option. The combination of stun power, bright flashlight, and concealed design in a single device just can’t be beaten.

Where to Buy

The Guard Dog Diablo 2 Stun Gun Flashlight typically retails for $59.99 direct from Guard Dog Security. It’s also available from Amazon, Home Depot, and various personal defense retailers.

Guard Dog offers free shipping in the US and discounted pricing for military, veterans, first responders, and government employees.

You can buy the Diablo 2 here directly from

I hope this comprehensive hands-on review helps you determine if the Diablo 2 stun gun flashlight is a good match for your personal security needs! Let me know if you have any other questions.