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Deep Sentinel Review: AI-Powered Home Security System

Home security has come a long way from just locks and alarms. Modern systems now integrate smart home technology and artificial intelligence to provide next-level protection. In this Deep Sentinel Review, we explore how one company, Deep Sentinel, is aiming to revolutionize home security. Their AI-Powered Home Security System uses live monitoring by actual humans along with sophisticated AI to offer unparalleled threat detection and prevention.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at Deep Sentinel to see if it lives up to the hype in terms of features, capabilities, and value. Read on to learn all about this unique home security provider.

Overview of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is a home security company founded in 2014 that provides advanced outdoor surveillance powered by a combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Their system uses sophisticated cameras equipped with AI to detect potential threats. When suspicious activity is picked up, live footage is instantly sent to a monitoring station staffed 24/7 by real people called Sentinel Guards.

The Sentinel Guards assess the situation in real time. If it’s a false alarm, they can dismiss the alert. But if it’s a real threat, they warn the intruder through two-way audio that they are being monitored and law enforcement is on the way. This human verification sets Deep Sentinel apart from most AI-based security systems.

Deep Sentinel markets itself as going “beyond home security” to actually prevent crime from happening on a property. While traditional systems detect break-ins and trigger alarms, Deep Sentinel aims to stop criminals long before they ever gain access to the home.

How Does Deep Sentinel Work?

The core of the Deep Sentinel security system is its intelligent cameras equipped with proprietary AI software called Leonardo. When a person approaches the monitored property, Leonardo gets to work analyzing and evaluating the situation.

The AI examines hundreds of identifying factors in real time, including the person’s body language, facial expressions, clothing, and whether they have tools or weapons. Leonardo can even determine if someone is exhibiting behavior indicative of casing the home or attempting to conceal their identity.

If Leonardo decides the person warrants further scrutiny, the camera audio-alerts the individual that they are being watched by Deep Sentinel security. This warning alone is often enough to deter potential wrongdoers. But if they persist, live footage and alerts are sent directly to a professionally trained Sentinel Guard at one of Deep Sentinel’s U.S.-based monitoring stations.

The Sentinel Guard quickly reviews the live feed and determines whether the person poses a legitimate threat. If so, the Guard uses two-way audio to intervene and warn the individual to leave the premises or police will be called. Law enforcement can be notified if needed. Guards remain vigilant until the threat is neutralized.

With Deep Sentinel’s layered human and artificial intelligence, threats can be assessed and mitigated in seconds, often before a crime even occurs. The company claims their system reduces crime by up to 90% for customers.

How Does Deep Sentinel Compare to Other Security Systems?

Most home security providers rely solely on technology or general monitoring services. Systems like SimpliSafe and Ring use sensors, cameras, and mobile alerts to detect break-ins and inform owners about events after the fact. With monitoring add-ons, alarm events are simply forwarded to an off-site call center that notifies emergency responders.

Deep Sentinel takes a vastly different approach with its AI-plus-human system focused on prevention. By combining intelligent cameras with live Guard intervention, they can stop crimes as they unfold. This immediate on-the-scene interaction is unique in the industry.

Some other vendors like Vivint and ADT offer professional monitoring with human agents who can try to verbally engage trespassers. However, these monitoring stations cover numerous properties at once, so responders cannot continuously focus on any single site.

With Deep Sentinel, highly trained Guards are dedicated to patrolling each customer’s property in real time. And with Leonardo AI filtering alerts, Guards only intervene when needed versus handling all routine alerts. This enables a much more personalized and preventative service.

How Does Deep Sentinel Stack Up Against Other Security Systems?

When looking for a home security system, you’ve got a lot of options to consider. Deep Sentinel offers live 24/7 monitoring with human guards, but does it match up against some of the other top providers? Let’s take a look at how Deep Sentinel compares to a few of its main competitors.

Deep Sentinel vs Scout Alarm

If price is your main concern, Scout Alarm may be the more affordable pick. Their starter kits begin at just $229, while Deep Sentinel’s cheapest one-camera package is $399.

Scout also doesn’t make you get a quote first, so you can just order directly from their website. Deep Sentinel requires a custom quote.

For monitoring, Scout lets you choose either self-monitoring for $9.99 a month or professional monitoring for $19.99. With Deep Sentinel, the live human monitoring is built-in and required, at around $60 monthly.

Overall, Scout Alarm is likely the better option if you want a DIY-style system on a budget. But Deep Sentinel provides more advanced monitoring with actual guards watching your home in real time.

Deep Sentinel vs Brinks Home

Like Deep Sentinel, Brinks Home makes you get a quote first before ordering. So the pricing can vary.

Brinks offers more types of security devices like sensors and video doorbells. Deep Sentinel focuses mainly on its intelligent cameras.

Both let you pick professional installation or DIY setup. And they both provide 24/7 live monitoring.

The biggest difference is Brinks integrates with more smart home brands if you want a complete connected system. Deep Sentinel focuses specifically on visual surveillance and prevention.

So if you want loads of smart features, Brinks Home could be the winner. But for dedicated security cameras with human guards monitoring, Deep Sentinel is tough to beat.

Deep Sentinel vs ADT Self Setup

For basic starter packages, ADT Self Setup runs cheaper than Deep Sentinel at $219 versus $399.

ADT has way more types of devices available too, from motion sensors to keypads and beyond. Deep Sentinel keeps it simple with cameras, yard signs, and a few add-ons.

ADT is designed for easy DIY install, while Deep Sentinel offers both DIY and professional setup.

For monitoring, Deep Sentinel requires its live human guards. But ADT lets you pick self-monitoring or add professional monitoring.

Overall, if you want a bigger smart security ecosystem, go with ADT. But for true 24/7 human surveillance, Deep Sentinel is the clear winner.

Key Features of Deep Sentinel Security

Deep Sentinel delivers complete perimeter security powered by its intelligent cameras, human Guards, and proprietary AI software. Here are some of the key components that set it apart as a home security provider:


Deep Sentinel cameras provide the eyes on the ground for the system. They capture ultra high-definition video day and night and use automatic infrared night vision. The weather-resistant cameras provide a full 180-degree field of view with no blind spots.

Each camera houses Leonardo AI to instantly analyze live footage and detect threats. If Leonardo registers a problem, it warns the person on camera and kicks monitoring into high gear by contacting the Sentinel Guards.

Yard Signs and Window Decals

Perimeter signage is a key part of Deep Sentinel’s crime deterrence strategy. Prominently placed yard signs and window decals inform would-be intruders that they are being actively monitored by Deep Sentinel’s 24/7 live surveillance. This visibility and warning makes criminals think twice before targeting a property.

Two-Way Audio and Sirens

If Leonardo AI and the Sentinel Guards determine a legitimate threat is present, they can issue real-time audio warnings via the system’s speakers. Sirens can also be activated to further deter criminals. Two-way audio enables Guards to continually monitor and engage intruders until police arrive.

Alert Notifications

In addition to constant live monitoring, Deep Sentinel sends mobile alerts to homeowners whenever Leonardo detects abnormal activity. This keeps owners aware of events in real time. Alerts can also be sent by text or email to designated emergency contacts if desired.

Professional Monitoring

At the heart of Deep Sentinel’s service is professional live monitoring by its Sentinel Guards. The Guards have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and security, and undergo rigorous training in assessing threats, verbal intervention, and preventing crime. This human oversight is the key to Deep Sentinel’s ability to proactively neutralize criminal activity.

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Sentinel’s Leonardo AI adds a major technological advantage to the system. The advanced neural networks filter normal activity from true threats to minimize false alarms. Leonardo also constantly learns and improves its threat detection capabilities based on new data. This allows the system to get smarter over time.

Equipment Packages and Pricing

Deep Sentinel offers three base packages depending on the number of cameras desired, plus additional components to customize the system. Here is an overview of the equipment and pricing options:

Sentinel Basic

Deep Sentinel Security System
  • 1 camera
  • 1-yard sign
  • Window decals
  • Leonardo AI app

$399 for the equipment, plus $59 per month for monitoring

Sentinel Plus

  • 2 cameras
  • 3-yard signs
  • Window decals
  • Leonardo AI app

$599 for the equipment, plus $69 per month

Sentinel Premium

  • 3 cameras
  • 5-yard signs
  • Window decals
  • Leonardo AI app

$799 for the equipment, plus $99 per month

Add-ons like additional cameras, solar panels, and commercial monitoring are also available. Compared to standard DIY security systems, Deep Sentinel carries a higher upfront equipment cost. But the technology and live human monitoring provide capabilities unmatched by purely AI-driven security.

Deep Sentinel also offers financing options to make the advanced system more affordable. Overall, the cost is reasonable given the elite level of perimeter security and crime deterrence provided.

Reviews of Deep Sentinel by Customers

Deep Sentinel currently holds an A+ rating and 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau website, based on over 130+ customer reviews. On other sites like TrustPilot, YotPo, and PissedConsumer, it earns consistently positive feedback as well. Here are some common themes in Deep Sentinel reviews:

Ease of use – Most customers describe the system as straightforward to install and use, with helpful customer service if any issues arise. The mobile app also makes controlling and adjusting the system simple.

Detection abilities – Users highlight Deep Sentinel’s outstanding perimeter detection enabled by the AI cameras and monitoring. The system reliably picks up on threats while ignoring routine activity to prevent false alarms.

Crime deterrence – Many reviewers mention incidents where Deep Sentinel warded off potential intruders and prevented break-in attempts just through its warning notices and audio interventions. Customers feel much safer and more secure with Deep Sentinel actively monitoring their property 24/7.

Customer service – Deep Sentinel receives rave reviews for their customer support and service team. Customers mention agents being responsive, knowledgeable, and able to quickly resolve any problems with the system or monitoring.

The majority of negative Deep Sentinel reviews seem to revolve around longer wait times when first ordering equipment, likely due to supply chain issues. However, once the system is set up, most customers appear extremely satisfied with Deep Sentinel’s capabilities and service.

Pros and Cons of Deep Sentinel Security

Deep Sentinel brings some unique advantages to home security, but also has some potential limitations to weigh. Here is an overview of the main pros and cons of the system based on customer experiences:


  • Advanced threat detection with AI and live monitoring
  • Real-time crime prevention and intervention
  • Dedicated professional monitoring by Sentinel Guards
  • Customizable components and coverage
  • Sleek, weatherproof cameras with long battery life
  • Seamless mobile app integration and controls
  • Powerful crime deterrence just through perimeter warnings
  • Straightforward setup and use
  • Excellent customer service and support


  • Higher equipment cost than basic DIY systems
  • Monthly fees higher than passive monitoring through other providers
  • Potential for false alarms with oversensitive AI detection
  • Delayed equipment shipping due to supply chain issues
  • Lacks home automation features beyond security
  • No long-term contracts offered

Overall, Deep Sentinel provides one of the most sophisticated and proactive home security solutions available. The AI intelligence combined with human oversight delivers security and crime deterrence that technology alone cannot match. For homeowners who prioritize advanced threat prevention over equipment costs, Deep Sentinel is likely the superior choice despite some drawbacks.

Ready to take your home security to the next level? Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary protection with Deep Sentinel’s AI-Powered Home Security System. Experience the peace of mind that comes with real-time human monitoring and cutting-edge technology. Call Deep Sentinel now at 1-888-893-1941 or click here to request a personalized quote. It’s time to safeguard your home with the best in the industry. Act now and embrace the future of home security!

Please note that the LiveSentinel Center guards are available 24/7/365, but their Customer Care department is open seven days a week. Mon-Fri 6 AM to 6 PM PST & limited weekend and holidays 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Sentinel

What is the battery life for Deep Sentinel cameras?

Deep Sentinel cameras can operate continuously for 4-6 months on battery power before needing a recharge. This provides maintenance-free operation for long periods.

What is the runtime of the Deep Sentinel security system?

The system is designed to provide live 24/7 monitoring and protection year-round. As long as the cameras have sufficient battery charge, the Deep Sentinel system has unlimited runtime.

What does the Sentinel server do?

The Sentinel server houses the AI software and interfaces that run Deep Sentinel’s systems. It allows the cameras to transmit data for analysis and powers the live stream sent to Sentinel Guards when a threat is detected.

What is the battery life of the Deep Sentinel cameras?

The Deep Sentinel cameras can run continuously for 4-6 months on a full battery charge. This long battery life prevents the need for frequent recharging or battery swaps.

What is a Sentinel alarm?

A Sentinel alarm is an alert triggered by Deep Sentinel’s system when the AI detects a likely security threat. This prompts the Sentinel Guard to investigate the live feed and determine if intervention is required.

Is Sentinel a SOC?

No, Deep Sentinel is not considered a Security Operations Center (SOC). A SOC typically monitors networks and data systems rather than physical sites. Deep Sentinel focuses on visual monitoring of customers’ properties.

What is the difference between Sentinel and Stealth monitoring?

Sentinel monitoring involves Deep Sentinel’s cameras audibly warning intruders they are being watched. Stealth monitoring eliminates the verbal warnings and instead sends silent alerts to Guards.


Deep Sentinel is an intriguing newcomer to the home security industry. Their human-verified monitoring coupled with sophisticated AI stands out from traditional technology-focused systems. For homeowners seeking advanced protection that actually prevents crime, Deep Sentinel presents a compelling option.

While the monthly costs run higher than basic security packages, you get what you pay for with Deep Sentinel’s elite surveillance capabilities, renowned customer service, and crime deterrence. Overall, Deep Sentinel delivers where it matters most – keeping your property and family safe. Check them out if you’re serious about threat detection and prevention.

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