Deep Sentinel Home Security: The Next Evolution of Protection?


Concerned that your current home security system only alerts you after a break-in? Imagine a system that not only detects but actively prevents crime in real-time. Deep Sentinel offers this next-level home security solution, combining AI technology with human-verified monitoring. But does it live up to its groundbreaking claims? In this comprehensive Deep Sentinel review, we’ll delve into its unique features, effectiveness, and value for 24/7 property protection.

Security Camera Monitoring with Live Professional Guards

The Evolution of Home Security: Beyond Traditional Alarms

Gone are the days when home security meant just locks and alarms. Modern systems now incorporate smart technology, including intelligent cameras, sensors, and mobile apps, to identify threats in real-time. While brands like SimpliSafe and Ring offer human monitoring services, they often fall short in providing proactive crime prevention. Deep Sentinel aims to fill this gap by offering an active, integrated approach to home security.

Deep Sentinel: Setting a New Standard in Home Security

Established in 2014, Deep Sentinel leverages a blend of artificial intelligence and human expertise to offer unprecedented home security. Unlike traditional systems that merely alert homeowners after a break-in, Deep Sentinel employs intelligent cameras and human monitoring to proactively deter and stop potential threats.

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Inside Deep Sentinel’s Security Ecosystem

Deep Sentinel’s robust platform consists of smart cameras, cutting-edge AI, professional human monitoring, and real-time communication tools. Here’s how these elements work in harmony:

Intelligent Cameras Powered by Leonardo AI

At the heart of the system are Deep Sentinel’s durable, weather-resistant cameras. Equipped with Leonardo AI, these cameras continuously analyze live footage to differentiate between routine activities and potential threats. When a suspicious activity is detected, the camera activates colored lights and issues an audio warning, serving as an initial deterrent.


Deep Sentinel’s cameras use AI and visual cues to deter potential threats.

Real-Time Monitoring by Sentinel Guards

If the initial warnings are ignored, the Leonardo AI immediately streams the footage to a Sentinel Guard stationed at one of Deep Sentinel’s U.S.-based monitoring centers. These guards, with backgrounds in law enforcement and security, assess the situation and use two-way audio to intervene, warning the intruder that law enforcement will be alerted if they don’t leave the premises.

Seamless Communication with Homeowners

Deep Sentinel keeps homeowners in the loop through real-time mobile alerts, complete with live footage and updates. This ensures that you’re always aware of what’s happening on your property.

Visible Crime Deterrence

Deep Sentinel’s yard signs and window decals serve as an additional layer of deterrence, making potential intruders think twice before attempting any criminal activity.

Deep Sentinel vs. Traditional Security Systems

When compared to traditional security systems, Deep Sentinel offers a unique blend of technology and human intervention for proactive crime prevention.

CriteriaDIY Security (Ring, SimpliSafe)Smart Security (Vivint, ADT)Deep Sentinel
Core FeaturesCameras, sensors, app alertsSmart cameras, home automationIntelligent cameras, live human monitoring
MonitoringOptional, offsite call centersOptional, offsite call centersBuilt-in live monitoring by Sentinel Guards
Crime PreventionPost-event alertsLimited deterrenceProactive interventions and prevention
False AlarmsProne to errorsSome false alarmsHuman verification minimizes false alarms
PricingAffordable equipment, cheaper plansHigh-end systems, premium feesHigher equipment cost, monthly fees

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Customer Reviews: What People Are Saying

Deep Sentinel boasts an impressive number of 5-star reviews across various platforms, including TrustPilot and the App Store. Customers frequently highlight:

  • Near-zero false alarms due to the AI-human team
  • Peace of mind from 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Effective deterrence of criminal activities

The primary downside noted is the longer delivery time for equipment, likely due to supply chain issues. However, customer satisfaction remains high once the system is installed.

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Pros and Cons: Is Deep Sentinel Worth It?


  • 24/7 live monitoring by professional guards
  • Advanced AI minimizes false alarms
  • Real-time interventions prevent break-ins
  • Customizable coverage options
  • Seamless mobile app integration


  • Higher initial equipment cost
  • Monthly fees are above industry average
  • Limited smart home integration
  • No long-term contract options

Deep Sentinel Packages, Pricing, and Financing

Deep Sentinel offers a range of packages and financing options to ensure homeowners can tailor their security solutions to fit their budget.

Sentinel Basic1 camera, yard sign, decals, app$399 equipment + $59/month
Sentinel Plus2 cameras, 3 yard signs, decals, app$599 equipment + $69/month
Sentinel Premium3 cameras, 5 yard signs, decals, app$799 equipment + $99/month

Extra cameras, solar panels, commercial monitoring, and other custom add-ons are also available.

Deep Sentinel provides affordable financing options, including $0 down, 0% APR, and low monthly payments to suit any budget. Plus, there are no long-term contracts, offering you the flexibility to adapt as your security needs evolve.

While the monthly costs are higher than those of passive monitoring services, the value lies in Deep Sentinel’s unique blend of cutting-edge AI, expert human monitoring, and proactive crime prevention. For many homeowners, the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property is secured 24/7 is well worth the premium investment.

Final Verdict: Is Deep Sentinel the Future of Home Security?

In today’s interconnected world, home security is becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, most smart systems still operate reactively, alerting you only after a break-in or other incident has occurred.

Deep Sentinel stands out by using both advanced AI and live human monitoring to make home security a proactive force against crime. The system’s ability to warn, deter, and actively intervene in real-time offers a level of protection that no ordinary camera system can match.

While the initial equipment and monthly costs are higher compared to basic security packages, Deep Sentinel’s next-gen platform represents the future of visual monitoring. It uniquely integrates both human and artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled security.

So, if you’re a homeowner looking for a security system that offers live 24/7 monitoring and proactive crime prevention, Deep Sentinel stands as the most advanced option available today. If you’re serious about high-tech protection that goes above and beyond to prevent crime, Deep Sentinel could very well be the ideal choice for safeguarding your property in ways previously thought impossible.

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