Canon MS-500: The Game-Changing Long-Range Surveillance Camera



The ability to monitor subjects from miles away has long been the holy grail of surveillance cameras. Now, Canon’s groundbreaking MS-500 camera finally makes this a reality with its ultra-high sensitivity sensor able to see clearly even in pitch dark conditions. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at how the MS-500’s impressive features enable long-range nighttime surveillance unlike any previous camera.

canon ms-500

An Unprecedented Combination of Capabilities

At the heart of the Canon MS-500 is a revolutionary 3.2MP Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensor specifically designed for low-light scenarios like surveillance. Traditional image sensors capture light as it continuously streams onto the pixels. The SPAD sensor works differently – it can detect the arrival of a single photon, allowing it to create an image even in extremely dark environments.

Canon MS-500

This game-changing sensor is mated with broadcast-quality optics leveraging Canon’s expertise in lenses. The package enables the MS-500 to do what no commercially available camera has done before: capturing clear video of subjects¬†several kilometers away, even on moonless nights [1]. It’s a combination of capabilities that could revolutionize applications like port security, critical infrastructure monitoring, and border control.

Impressive Resolution and Autofocus

In addition to its remarkable light sensitivity, the Canon MS-500 delivers excellent resolution along with fast, accurate autofocus – must-have features for effective remote monitoring.

The camera packs an impressive 30.4-megapixel sensor, providing plenty of resolution to capture critical details. Images are sharp with rich color reproduction. On the video side, it can record 2K video up to 59.94fps, with clean footage even at high ISOs.

Autofocus performance stands out with Canon’s advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF system providing smooth and reliable tracking. The camera’s 61 AF points cover a wide area for flexible composition. Focusing is snappy, taking about 0.05 seconds to achieve a sharp lock even in challenging conditions like fog or haze [2].

Broadcast-Quality Design Ready for Professional Use

The Canon MS-500 has a robust, durable construction ready for pro-level field use. A magnesium alloy body provides weather resistance, while the broadcast lens mount allows using workhorse lenses from Canon’s top-tier cine line. The mounting point is ideal for heavy zoom lenses often needed for surveillance.

Despite its pro orientation, the MS-500 retains a relatively compact size. It weighs just 2.1lbs making transportation easy whether mounted in a fixed location or used on the go. The camera offers an excellent handheld shooting experience with dedicated lens, shutter, and record buttons within easy reach [3].

Optimized for Long-Range Focusing

We tested the MS-500’s capabilities at distances up to 5 kilometers to evaluate its specialized long-range focusing features. The camera delivers on its promise of capturing clear footage even at extreme distances.

A built-in 1.5x crop mode provides extra reach without loss of 4K resolution. Activating the crop allowed us to achieve sharp focus on objects 3-5km away with sufficient zoom. Impressively, the Dual Pixel AF continued to perform well at these distances.

The Focus Guide feature is also a huge assist when focusing manually over such long distances. It uses colored overlays in the viewfinder to indicate whether subjects are in front of or behind the focus plane, making precise focus adjustments easier.

Low Light Performance to See in the Dark

As expected, the MS-500’s forte is its low light capabilities allowing it to literally see in the dark. The SPAD sensor lived up to its reputation with noise-free video even at ISO 51200. This allows monitoring with minimal illumination, perfect for discreet security setups.

Impressively, color accuracy holds up very well at high ISOs. Video at ISO 25600 still showed natural color reproduction. There was some mild desaturation at the maximum ISO 51200, but overall color fidelity was excellent considering the light conditions.

The camera also enables clean HD video capture at up to 120fps in light as low as 0.0005 lux – far outperforming traditional cameras. Slow motion footage can thus be captured even with minimal available light.

Full Suite of Surveillance Features

Canon packed the MS-500 with tools tailored for surveillance, from the expected stuff like remote control to unique capabilities like its Interval Timer.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports allow comprehensive remote control of the camera. All shooting settings and lens adjustments can be managed wirelessly through web browsers or Canon’s CameraAccess software [4].

The Interval Timer is a great feature for surveillance, allowing automated capture of stills or video. The flexible intervals and recording durations, coupled with high capacity CFexpress cards, enable set-and-forget time lapses covering hours or days.

Some other handy tools include focus peaking, customizable zebra patterns, and waveform monitoring for exposure. Dual CFexpress card slots allow instant backup or extended recording times. Overall, the MS-500 is packed with features to enhance monitoring capabilities.

An Impressive Technical Feat, But Not Perfect

The Canon MS-500 delivers exceptional long-range surveillance performance not matched by any other camera on the market currently. However, it’s not without some limitations.

The size is quite reasonable for a pro-level camera, but still a bit large and heavy for concealed usage in some scenarios. The camera is also expensive with an MSRP of $30,000 USD putting it out of reach of many consumers.

Low light capabilities are incredible, but like any camera, extremely dark scenes will eventually produce noise. The MS-500 outperforms rivals by a huge margin in this regard though.

For most professional or governmental surveillance needs, the MS-500’s unmatched combination of power, features, and build quality make it a game-changing option. The sensor technology driving its incredible sensitivity will hopefully make its way to more affordable cameras in the future.

Conclusion – A Specialist Camera That Delivers on Its Promises

Canon managed to successfully harness cutting-edge sensor advancements to create a one-of-a-kind surveillance camera for the MS-500. It delivers unprecedented light sensitivity and long-range focusing capabilities that redefine what’s possible with remote monitoring. Image quality, video specs, and autofocus also hit professional standards required for such a specialty camera.

For those needing to monitor subjects kilometers away even in extremely low light, the Canon MS-500 is currently the only camera that fits the bill. Government agencies, ports, utilities and other entities that demand long-range nighttime surveillance capabilities would benefit enormously from evaluating Canon’s groundbreaking new option. Thanks to the MS-500’s performance, many more applications can now be covered from dusk and into the darkness of night.