Business Security Solutions

Securing your business requires specialized solutions tailored to your facilities, operations, and industry. 2D Security provides unbiased recommendations to help you protect employees, assets, and sensitive data.

Our experts use hands-on testing and analysis to evaluate access control, video surveillance, intruder alarms, fire detection, and integrated business automation systems.

Professional Monitoring

24/7 professional monitoring acts as an extra layer of security with emergency dispatch and real-time notifications. We review top providers including:

  • STANLEY Security Monitoring
  • ADT Business Monitoring
  • Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services

Key factors we analyze:

✔ Emergency response time
✔ False alarm management
✔ Flexible plans and pricing
✔ Customer support

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Access Control Systems

Managing access to facilities, doors, gates, etc. is crucial. Our reviews cover:

  • Biometric readers
  • Wireless and keypad access
  • Smart credential management
  • Customizable permission settings

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Integrated Business Automation

Get tips on integrating security with daily operations across:

  • Lighting, HVAC and energy management
  • Supply chain and warehouse management
  • Policy compliance and auditing

Business Automation Solutions

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